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Terms and Conditions

Thank you for accessing our website. before proceeding further, we advise you to read our terms and conditions of use, by shopping here you have accepted our Term of Service

Promotion Terms and Conditions
The voucher promo at sanaturelofficial.comman.com can only be used one voucher per order, If we find exploits of our promos, we can cancel the order without notifying you.

Tax and Pricing
Prices on the website already includes tax, we will try to make prices, descriptions, and images as accurate as possible. but if an error is made, we can cancel your order without notifying you first.

Delivery process
Deliveries will be made on weekdays (Monday-Friday), orders made on Saturdays and Sundays will be sent on Monday. Order payments made past 03.00 will be sent the following day. Shipping will be carried out by a third party KGExpress

Returning, Restoring and Replacing Products
Returns / Replacement can be done with the following conditions:
1. Customers can return the product in case of expired product or wrong item sent.
2. Customers must make 1x24 hours max notice after the product arrives.
3. Confirmation of return can be done every day (08:00 - 17:00)
4. Your request will be processed after we receive the product again.
5. The estimate for the return process is 5x24 hours
6. Products must be sent back to us as soon as possible and the customer must give know us through our Contact page

Photo accuracy
The products displayed on our website are the same products that you will get because our website has the principle What You See Is What You Get, however, there may be a color difference caused by each Customer's monitor settings so we cannot guarantee that what you see is 100% the same color.

Defect Product
We produce our own products so we can control and guarantee that no defects will be sent to our customers, but that actually happens customer can contact us by email or phone.
a. The customer must notify us as soon as possible, explain the situation and send an attachment to the defective image
b. Customers will send products to us for replacement/refunds
c. The estimate for the return process is 2x24 hours
d. The shipping fee will be paid by us

Payment method
For now, we accept payments via Bank Transfer from 4 banks namely BCA, BNI, Mandiri, and Permata banks. And also online debit/credit cards by Mastercard, VISA, and Standard Chartered. Customers need to know that each bank has its own terms and conditions, by purchasing customers of our products agreed at sanaturelofficial.comman.com and our third party terms and services

sanaturelofficial.comman.com.id will not be responsible for defective products after customers receive it more than 1x24 hours without notifying us. contact us immediately if you find a defective product sent to you.

A. Every content on the website is copyrighted, using content from this website other than for personal use is prohibited (example: Text, Image, Symbol, etc.)
b. Copying or printing this website for commercial purposes is illegal, this is a violation of these terms and conditions and we will take action according to the law.

Privacy and Security
Visit our Privacy Policy for more info.

You can create links that redirect to our website as long as they are not malicious, nor are we responsible for third party websites that can be accessed by clicking on one of the hyperlinks on our website because each website has their own terms and services.

Account deletion or deactivation
In case if we find a violation of terms and conditions, sanaturelofficial.comman.com can Disable / Delete your account without notifying you, you can also request to delete your account by contacting us

Renewal of Terms and Conditions
Terms and conditions can be updated in the future so that they are in line with the sanaturelofficial.comman.com business process

If you have questions about sanaturelofficial.comman.com please contact us:
What's app : 0821 2261 5923
Website Page: sanaturelofficial.comman.com/contact-us
Email: cs@sanaturelofficial.com